Sunday, October 16, 2005

Keep on Trucking

I am trying to get a feed where people can subscribe to the blog. Please subscribe at your own risk. I'm not sure if you will actually get anything. If you know how, you can subscribe through by putting in the blog site or I am hoping folks can get email updates. It should not be too much mail.

I have had 60 visitors in 4 days. I am pretty excited until I figure in at least 20 of them are either me (trying to figure out how everything works) or my beautiful wife. :-)

I also realized why I am not cut out to be any kind of computer programmer. It took me like three hours to find out how to put the little "Subscribe me" sign on my page and I am not even sure if it works. How pathetic! Oh, but it also took me about three hours to beat my wife and mom at a grueling game of Monopoly. It was a good game, even if I had not won though that part was nice.

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