Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rude People

Some study recently said that people are more rude nowadays than 20-30 years ago. Uh..thanks for the study.

On a similar note, I went to the Post Office to get some stamps and some lady's in there on the "walkie talkie" style phones talking it up. I think she may have been near deaf with how stinkin' loud she had the phone turned up. Anyway, it was nice to know that her son had a box of CDs missing that he may or may not have found; I didn't get to find out how it all worked out.

People have little manners nowadays while on cellphones. At least it is in the realm of diversity. This lady was white, another lady was hispanic who was "yelling" [see: talking super loud] into her phone at Target.

Bad manners see no color.


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happycamper said...

My cell phone has a "manner" mode, which is supposed to be used when you are in public places. It actually says that in the manual. It puts the phone on vibrate and makes it so that the numbers don't make sounds when you push them. I don't think that many people these days see that kind of behavior as rude. I say that if you have to use your cell phone in a public place, go outside....and those walkie talkie things should be banned everywhere except nascar races where the sound of the cars is louder than the sounds of the walkie talkie.