Saturday, October 29, 2005

Youth Groups Shouldn't Eat Fish

So thinks PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). A youth group, that had a Fear Factor type competition was asked to ban the practice of eating live goldfish as a challenge.

Though I think it silly (maybe it's because our youth pastor had this activity in our youth group once or twice (ATT'N PETA--he doesn't do it anymore), I liked what the youth pastor responded with .

"I do appreciate your concern and just wanted to let you know that this will never happen again," Woodall wrote. "My views are a reflection of yours. We love God's creatures and would never want to show them harm."

At least this seems more reasonable to ask unlike PETA's idea that eating meat is akin to "Holocaust on you plate". I'm all for avoiding cruelty and mistreatment to animals, but I cannot say that animals are on the same level of value as humans. What happened with the millions of Jews, et al... is nowhere near comparable to what happens in an animal slaughterhouse.

The only way they can be comparable is if animals are raised to the level of value as humans or humans value is lowered to that of an animal. As cute or friendly or cuddly (or because it possesses "soulish" characteristics-I think this can be argued) a pet or other animal is, they are not equal.


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