Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cowards Cut and Run

I was just reading an article that talked about Sen. John Murtha being kind of a hero to the liberal media. Brett Bozell writes that the media only found important the fact that this senator thinks America should get out of the war-cut and run.

But the really amazing turn in the rapid ascent of John Murtha, our instant
Exit-Iraq-Now hero, was what happened next. On Friday, House Republicans
finally showed some spine and did something wonderful
. They called for
an up-or-down vote on withdrawal, and put everyone formally on the record. (emphasis mine)

I love it. Instead of having the folks rally behind a male version of Cindy Sheehan, Republicans said "put up or shut up". Put your vote where your mouth is. If you think we need to leave so badly, then let's take a vote. By watching/reading news, I would have thought that everyone but the Republicans and the President wanted out.

So much for the most "influential Democrat" in the Congress. The House -- Democrats and Republicans -- handed Murtha (and the press) one of the
most lopsided, humiliating defeats imaginable
. The House vote for
withdrawal: three in favor, 403
So much for that "growing" public demand for the removal
of American troops. The headline should have been "Overwhelming House Majority
Votes to Support Bush in Iraq." (emphasis mine)

That is great. For all the rallying cries to get us out of Iraq, 3 Senators out of 406 were willing to back up their rhetoric and vote to get out now. I love it.

Bozell goes on to say that many papers headlines showed nothing (or buried it in the article) about the severely lopsided vote in favor of staying in for now.

I wonder how long until the conspiracy theory comes out that Bush lied to get them to vote that way. Hmmm.


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