Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Express Yourself

Let's remember that just because you "speak from your heart" does not mean you are any more correct with what you say. I say things all the time from my heart, and it gets me in trouble. Just ask my wife-she knows all kinds of ridiculous things I say. It is when I don't give much thought or consideration to what I say that places my foot firmly into my mouth.

That's what good about "speaking from your heart" or "following your heart", I suppose (in popular culture's eyes anyway). You, then, are given license to say all kinds of weird things. Maybe that is what the Bible refers to when it talks about the heart being deceitful and wicked. I think I will try and follow something other than just my heart.
In an interview taped for ABC's Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most
Fascinating People of 2005, rapper Kanye West, who in September during NBC's
Concert for Hurricane Relief had declared that "George Bush doesn't care about
black people,"
told Walters that he stands by the allegation. In the ABC special
aired Tuesday night, in which Walters featured West as the second of her ten
"most fascinating people," she played the clip and then asked him: "Do you think
what you said then you still feel today?" West responded: "I spoke from, I spoke
from my heart
, and I stand by my statement."

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The relevant exchange from the interview taped
in a recording studio and aired during the 10pm EST/9pm CST Walters special:

Barbara Walters: "During a telethon for Hurricane Katrina, Kanye caused a
storm of his own."
Kanye West on the telethon: "George Bush doesn't care about black
Walters to West: "Do you think what you said then you still feel
West: "I spoke from, I spoke from my heart, and I stand by my statement."


happycamper said...

I believe that is why God was kind enough to give us a brain as well as a heart. He knew that silly humans would just "follow our hearts" and say hurtful or sometimes stupid things. So, luckily, some of us are grateful for our brains as well, and choose to think through what our hearts are feeling before we speak.

Derrick Bright said...

Well said.


Prophet Fire & Audra Mairead said...

Check out our controversial song. It's like Eminem and Fiona Apple wrote about Hurricane Katrina with a razor blade on the apathetic arms of America. Is She too numb to notice? You can't pick up the cd at your local Mega-Mart. This song is to mainstream radio what blogs are to mainstream media. Few will hear it and even fewer will understand it. Will you?