Sunday, November 06, 2005

Grrr! The Ultimate Fighter Is Good

I ran across this article a few weeks ago; I saved it 'cause I liked the title. I like the lessons he pulled from the fight between Sam Morgan and Luke Cummo.

My beautiful wife and I are becoming big fans of the sport. We're saving up to get one of the fights in a couple weeks. :-) My mom and grandma like it, too. It is a surreal moment watching your beloved grandma yell at the TV screen, "don't just stand there, beat him up".

Good stuff,


happycamper said...

That was an interesting transition from UFC to life lesson. But, it is true. I mean, I can completely understand why the family would be upset. Traditions are very important to some people. I come from a Jewish family, and from what I have gathered thus far in my life...we like things our way, and we have to be right. If that assessment is even remotely true, then it makes sense that the family is suing over it. But, I agree about the life lesson that the girl...or other family members...are getting from this. The lesson is to not just deal with it and move on. The lesson is to be angry, be right, get you way, and anybody's cost.

Derrick Bright said...

It makes sense that traditions are important, but since the family got all their money back plus some. Come on now. Is suing in this case gonna get you your tradition in that hotel? No, you will probably not be allowed back into the hotel. Be sad. OK. Be disappointed. Sure. Cry. Yep. Move on? Nah, that's not the American way; let's sue...woo hoo. Thanks for posting a comment.