Thursday, November 17, 2005

Still Working

I've spent too many hours trying to figure out my problems (on the computer). I feel so frigging helpless. I fix one thing and another problem comes up.

Some success: When I look at the html code crap, it doesn't look as screwy as it did when I first started this. Mind you, it still looks like crap, but I can recognize some of the corn...Sorry, I couldn't help myself with that visual. :-P

Oh, yeah, my links and cookies are not working right, either.



Pixelation said...

Hey, yeah I can help you out, but not this weekend, I've got essays to write.

Send me your html (I'd get the source code, but I'm not on my own machine right now, and this one doesn't have Firefox), and I'll get back to you in four or five days.


Pixelation said...

ha ha, it probably doesn't help my case much that I have a broken link in that comment.

Oh, well. You'd know the comments section too if you'd bumbled around with it as much as I have.

here, it's orders (at) pixcapacitor (dot) com.