Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Talking Sex in School

A school out in Palmdale is being sued because someone gave the students a survey asking questions like, "How often do you think about sex," and "Do you think about touching other people's private parts?" Parents were a little upset...You think?

Oh, this was at an elementary school from what I understand and from the same judge who said "under God" in the Pledge was unconstitutional.

So, you can't say "under God" in 5th grade, but you can be asked if you touch your private parts or would like to touch someone else's, taken for an abortion, and taught about "safe sex" and homosexuality as ok and safe, and parents don't really need to be told about any of it. Schools, in some cases don't need to send a form asking parents to opt in (a permission slip); parents are expected to know what is going to be taught and then opt out (with their child already "in" unless the parent says otherwise).

Does that sound utterly ridiculous to anyone else?



happycamper said...

I agree. That is pretty insane. I would be very upset if I had children and they were asked those types of questions....especially without permission. I think this judge you speak of is confused. It is kinda scary to think that he has been given the right to make important decisions.

Derrick Bright said...

Thank you for posting. This sounds a little worse than just showing an R rated film. I wonder if Prop 74 would have helped. No, probably not since it had nothing to do with getting rid of a teacher. :-)