Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Voting Results

Well, I hope you all voted this last Tuesday. Here are the results as of Wednesday morning (via Daily Press).

Prop 73-Parental Notification for Abortion- NO (barely it seems, but no) :-(

Prop 74-5 year tenure for teachers- Thankfully NO

Prop 75-Union must give members choice to opt out (or make it easier to do so) NO

Prop 76-Possibly taking school funding away- NO

Prop 77 Judges Redistrict, instead of politicians- NO

Prop 78
Prop 79- Both Prescription discount/rebate similar wording-it seemed one came from companies, one from State. NO

Prop 80-Electric Regulation- I had trouble understanding the wording on this one so I voted no- NO

That is all for now.
I am subbing Kindergarten today. Should be fun.



happycamper said...

I find it kind of interesting that none of the propisitions passed. Many of the votes were very close, but I am glad that most of them didn't pass. I am sad that the abortion proposition didn't pass. I am not yet a parent, but I do not understand how a parent would not want to vote in favor of a proposition that would allow them to know about certain events that are going on in their children's lives. The ads all talked about how there would be back alley abortions if it passed, but nobody thought of the opposite consequence. Maybe parents would support their children if they knew she was pregnant. Maybe parents would get a clue and be a little more involved in their child's life if they knew she was pregnant. It just seems illogical to not pass that proposition.

Derrick Bright said...

Yeah, I agree with what you are saying. There is much more to respond to. I think I will be posting a blog response to this. Thanks for leaving comments.