Friday, December 09, 2005

And Now For Something Completely Different

Here is a link to a much lighter topic: Christmas Trees

A person wrote in the other day to the Daily Press and mentioned I thought rather cleverly that wishing someone Happy Holiday could mean Happy Holy-Day.

Better be careful that does not get out because someone, somewhere is very likely to be offended. Big bunch of babies...Grow up.


Oh, here is a funny urban legend memo about the difficulties of accomodating everyone.


Kwame said...

That is an observation that you simply MUST begin to spread throughout cyberspace, and in turn the entire country.

I also noticed the other day at work that there is a place in NJ: the township of Neptune. The joint is actually named after this god of the sea too, cause I actually saw the township seal with Neptune’s image, trident and everything. I doubt the ACLU will EVER touch it, but stranger things may have happened.

(BTW, you saw the belated comments that I made about Christmas and divine will, right?)

Derrick Bright said...

See, maybe it is because I don't live there, but I not in the least bit threatened or offended by that city being around. If I didn't like it so much that it grieved me, I would move.

I would not sue because there is not a separation of church and state. And like you mentioned, I agree that I don't think the ACLU would touch it.