Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Cheaters Never Prosper?

I think that sometimes the saying we hear are a little weird. For example, "cheaters never prosper". I think it would be better to be considered a truism, something that is true most of the time. If you're playing a game with my younger siblings, and they cheat, and they win as a result of their cheating, that would seem a form of prospering.

Now, it is just a game, but even in real life, in the movies, sometimes the "bad-guy-cheater" does prosper. How about Oceans 11? Of course, in the movies, most of the time that prosperity is short lived. The bad guy usually gets caught/killed/redeemed...

Lesson to be learned? Cheating is ok as long as you are good at it.

Just kidding. This is a good example of using "bumper sticker slogans" to raise our kids. I think we are coming into a new generation that has the resources and intelligence (as far as it goes) to know when we are telling a half truth. They may not know the correct (or a better) answer, but they know when they've been given a load of crap. We should, of course, still teach our young what is right and wrong, but we do need to be careful about our answers. As well as admit when we may be mistaken (or wrong).



jaxmudder said...

One of the coolest things my good friend Joe ever said to me was, "The truth is." Shoulda been on a bumper sticker, but I'm afraid most people would get it...its too simple.

Half a truth is half a lie in my camp...so I'll stick with the honesty factor...and I'm working hard to impress these simple words to my children...(and my students, although that is another issue entirely).

The truth is.


Derrick Bright said...

But always keep in mind that our children are far more likely to imitate/emulate what we do way before they simply do what we say.

Keep up the good work,