Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Letter to the Editor Pt. 1

Hey folks,
here is a letter to the editor of our local newspapers' (Daily Press) opinion page. See if you can see any problems with the thinking. Tomorrow I will post my response that I wrote to the editor. Maybe they will print his one.

Belief creates reality, not the other way around

If the state has proof that one species develops into another I'd like to see it. What they have is the observation that sometimes species change among themselves due to stimulus from the environment. Man, supposedly being special or from some unspecified talent, somehow jumped over from the species of apes. This perverts common sense to the extreme.

There might be dozens or billions of other explanations of life, any one of which might be more valid. You might believe life manifested itself.

If you took away everything that the state doesn't know for sure, they would have nothing left to teach. Consider the new math they purport to "teach." Most people, when told 2 plus 2 might equal 5, are stuck thinking that "new math" must be some kind of equal outcome tool used by incompetent, or at best, duped teachers and their union handlers to enact their political agenda.

Actually both sides are right. Whatever you believe is true is what will happen in your life. What you believe is real, is real. These ideas are as close as anyone's going to get to the true facts about life.

I don't feel compelled to discuss religion's side of the debate since their whole belief system defends and buttresses mine.

I conclude there are no absolutes; what is true for one person isn't for another and nobody knows anything for certain or if they do it can change. Perception is reality; if the mind believes it, it is so.

What the heck is the state doing teaching all these untruths at our colossal expense? We might be better off going to some state-mandated social engineering experiment than our current hodge podge of distorted facts, zero discipline and rewriting history. At least then they could be honest about programming us to eat at the sound of a bell, take two days off a week, not to be late, get permission to leave the room and always defer to your superiors even when they are wrong.

Man might be able to recreate life now and in the future but he will never be able to understand more than the simple idea that life lives.

Does anyone else see that there is a third view from evolution and God? Even a doubt?

If there is, it ruins all the arguments, renders them moot and therefore the origins of life should not even be considered in "school."

Mr. O'Neil

See you tomorrow,

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