Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mass Murderers = Martyrs?

Little Green Footballs posted this picture and caption of a mother whose sons killed mulitiple people, but the Press is labeling them as martyers.

Hmm. I always thought of martyers as folks who did not necessarily want to die, but they were willing to and they did not take others to the grave with them.

Here is another link to a story they did a few years ago on the Death Cult Celebrity about this same "mother" who demanded not condolences for her son (who killed 5 high school students) but congratulations because she encouraged her son to sacrifice himself. Wow, and my parents encouraged me to go to school so I wouldn't have to do manual labor all my life.
Here is the caption:
"Um Nidal, mother of three Palestinian martyrs delivering a speech at a
celebration at the 18th foundation anniversary of Palestinian militant group,
Hamas, on Friday Dec.30, 2005, in the Syrian capital, Damascus. Hamas organized
a celebration at Yarmouk refugee camp southern Damascus with participation of
2000 palestinians. (AP Photo / Bassem Tellawi)"

I'm not even sure of what else to say. This is just another example of Media objectivity. Come on, guys. We know you have bias, you know it; as least stop pretending you don't.



Kwame said...

This isn’t about objectivity, Derrick. It’s about people in the mass media who do not choose their words carefully. BTW, the spelling is “martyr,” and I heard just a few days ago a TV producer identify ID as a paradigm which per se holds that only one god created the universe. No, these people are just sloppy, that is all.

So, anyway, how are things Derrick?

Derrick Bright said...

I would have no problem that they are sloppy, and apparently myself, too with my misspellings. But I think the difference is I spelled the word wrong and the producer did not seem to have all the facts (though it may be argued that he was misrepresenting in an effort to malign [ad hominum]-though I don't know the context).

Things are well. I will be starting a science lab sub job three days a week for a while, so that is cool. Should be fun. I would much rather have a full time position, but like Bill Murray in What About Bob?, I am taking baby steps. Same with my precision of language-got a long way to go.