Thursday, February 09, 2006

Christian Rioters?

Many times after 9/11, we heard politicians, including the President, and different celebrities, and others commenting that Islam was a religion of peace. Now we see once again that statement called into question.

Can't we all just get along?

What has been happening, just in case you don't know, is that Muslims in Europe have been rioting as a result of offensive cartoon depicting Mohammed in a less than positive light. (Muslims say they are completely against any depiction) In some of the cartoons, it seems they are pretty mild; however, there are a few that are not real positive and could understandably be offensive to Muslims.

I wonder what they mean?

Unfortunately, many newspapers and other media in the US have been frightened into not showing the cartoons that are offensive to the Muslims.
This one is not nice, but as Powerline points out, this "is not exactly complimentary, but hardly unfair, given the thousands of people who have been blown up by fervent Muslims purporting to act in Mohammed's name."

If the same thing happened to Christians; oh wait, when it happens to Christians, you nearly NEVER se Christians acting this way when much of media decide to mock Christ or proclaim a crucifix submerged in urine art.
Yes, this is the "Piss Christ
Vinny, over at Insignificant Thoughts, wrote in May of last year about such violence and Christians reactions to Piss Christ, "
No one died.
No gunshots.
No one wounded.
Instead, it was called art....Any deaths? No."

How about a few years ago when the Virgin Mary was covered with cut out pictures of vaginas. Were Christians angered and upset? Yes, and rightly so. I repeat Vinny's comments...Any one die, hurt, nope, it was called "art".

"All right, who ordered the supersize order of ego?"

I'm all for being upset about this. I would probably be a little offended if I were Muslim, but no one would get a molotov cocktail thrown through their window.

Be sure to catch a small bit of Michelle Malkin's take on this.


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Russ said...

It's all about being respectful. I believe in Jesus Christ. Many do not. Others believe in a different way. I do not hate or make fun of them. Indeed, it is not the faith in other things that created 9-11. It was the followers who are hateful and extreme. We see an upsurge of white power skinheads who use Christianity as a mask for their hateful crimes. My God is not hateful nor does he approve of such hate crimes. Indeed, those who break the law and do extremist harm to others need to be punished by the full extent of the law. Those few in any faith who utilize crime and murder as a mask for their duties of faith will surely be punished. If not the law that catches up with them, be it God that does. In any event, I see no need to mock or make fun of any faith in the way of political cartoons. It's not the smart thing to do.