Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Super Bowl-5 Second Delay

Now for those that know me, I don't really watch too many sports on TV. Even the "big games". This year, it turns out, was different. My beautiful wife and I went to her parents house and watched the game. I was a little sad that the Seahawks lost the way they did. They had many good plays reversed that probably cost them the game.

Also, that "touchdown" from the QB of the Steelers was not in. I don't watch or play football, but come on, that QB did not pass that goal line.

Also, the music was, it seems, very mediocre. The pregame show seemed to have all kinds of technical difficulties. And what is with the one dancer whose underoos needed to show. We say the lady is from China. (When they were promoting the next Summer Games in China, all the ladies had just enough skirt on to barely cover their privates. So, we say the motto for those games is "Come to China, See Our Vaginas".-

Sorry to any readers who are racially sensitive; this has nothing to do with race, it's all about rhyming.

Separated at Birth?

Anyway, apparently the Rolling Stones need the 5-second delay. Besides the cut away from the whole band falling and breaking their hips (they were all replaced by look-a-likes; someone grabbed the skeletons form science labs.) Those guys are old.

And to me, it seemd like they were just ok. I don't really like watching Mick prance around the stage. It's weird.

Plus, to be honest, I was not real impressed by the National Anthem, as sung by Aaron Nevelle and Aretha Franklin. It seemed merely "ok". And that was even when the microphone were working.
He needs the cocoa butter (if you saw SNL)

In any case, it was not thoroughly unenjoyable. There are, I suppose some merits (or enjoyment from that). though I can appreciate that a wife might rather her husband didn't spend 3-4 hours per game watching it. At least once a year is ok for me. :-)

Well, I gotta run,

(p.s. sorry about the ragged placement of pics-they don't always go where I want them)


Tracy said...

Although Aaron Nevelle didn't impress me much, I did enjoy watching him. All I could picture was Horatio from SNL doing his impression of Aaron. Too funny? Go Steelers!

Russ said...

I admit that I watch the Superbowl to anxiously wait for commercials with monkeys in them.