Thursday, May 11, 2006

Easter Peeps

I know Easter is over, but I saw here a few uses for old Marshmallow Peeps.

Here are a few of my favorites.

9. Gooey insides make a fine bathroom tile adhesive.

5. Drop them by the dozen in coordinated strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities.

3. Glue to walls to make padded room for children who consumed too many Peeps.

2. Peeps pot pie.

Any other ideas?

And peeple say that teevee does not affect the young peeple in this generation...

Just say no, man!! Just say no indeed.


1 comment:

Russ said...

No peep of mine would smoke a FILTERED Camel cigarette. My peeps were tough. What else can you lose as a kid, find it a year later in a shoe box, and still eat it in the same condition it was in when you lost it?

a Tice trivia on this note. Trout Bait. Power Bait has nothing on this kid. Fishing the West Walker River for Rainbow Trout, nothing sticks to a hook better or attracts fish like a good old gummy peep.In my day, it was worms, fish eggs, or marshmallo bait that you were "supposed" to use. Trout slammed my peep bait. You can keep a package of peeps in your tackle box for ten years and still use it.

On a culinary note; Did anyone else have a designated pattern on how to consume a peep? Personally, even as a small child I utilized the guillotine method. The noggin was always eaten first. Freud would probably say that this was to not have the cute little peep face staring at me ahile I ate the body first. Carniverous confusion while tearing at a marshmallo animal. Peeps and Twinkies. No wonder I have issues at age 51.