Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Video: Chuck Shumer Likens Conservative Talk Radio to Pornography

The Fairness Doctrine is something that many Dems would like to reenact. Since talk radio is one of the only areas of media not controlled by liberals, they need the Gov't to step in and force radio stations to be "fair and balanced" and put an equal amount of conservative and liberal commentators on. I think it is important to hear from both sides, but not in equal portions and not from Gov't force.

By the way, I would say it goes both ways. If I tune into a liberal talk show, I am tuning in because I like what is being talked about, not because i want to hear form the other side. Not by Gov't force, anyway. Interstingly enough, most Dems (liberals) do not want the "Fairness" Doctrine applied to TV or News outlets. Just talk radio. I smell something rotten in Denmark. What do you think?

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