Monday, December 08, 2008

Activists Target Mormons for Gay-Marriage Ban's Success in California

Why don't the gays target the Black population of California since some polls suggest more than 70% of Blacks voted to preserve traditional marriage?

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Also, Jack Black and some others have made a ridiculous video-The Prop 8 Musical, ridiculing the religious who voted to preserve traditional marriage. And they continually try to say the conservatives are full of hate and fear. For the record, I am not afraid of homosexuals nor do I hate them just because I think marriage is designed to be between one man and one woman. I am no more hateful toward the polygamist or siblings who want to marry. I just don't think they should be able to marry whomever they want.

Marriage is a privilege, not a right.

Here is Frank Pastore's rational response to the "musical". He actually address the theology of Jack Black's "Jesus" character.

As always, Dennis Prager, a Jewish talk show host, offers a reasonable response to the silliness of the Left.

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