Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas: Some People Are Ridiculous

'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' causes stir at school!

Wilmington, N.C. — "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" caused a stir at a New Hanover County school. A parent complained about the song's religious reference and got it pulled from her child's kindergarten Christmas show at Murrayville Elementary School.

---This parent is an idiot.

The song was pulled “because it had the word Christmas in it,” said Rick Holliday, assistant school superintendent.
A Jewish mother, who didn't want her name published (because she is an idiot), objected to what she called "religious overtones" in the song. So the principal agreed to pull it from the program.

---And the principal ought to be ashamed of him/herself.

School administrators said they were then flooded with complaints from other angry parents.

---Because 1)to think Rudolph is religious is asinine and 2) religious songs can be sung during class/school performances per the Education Code.

“I would say it's not a very religious song. It's about Santa Claus,” parent Anne Vanslyke said.

School board members, administrators and attorneys listened closely to the song's lyrics and decided the song was secular.

---"Listened closely"!!!??? To make sure there is no religious undertones in the reindeer names? What about the offense to drunks since Rudolph's red nose obviously means he has a drinking problem?

“Rudolph is a secular song. It was about a flying reindeer, not a religious symbol,” Holliday said.

---No kidding!

Many parents shouted out with glee when they heard the song was back in the program.

---Heh heh.

“I think it's great that they let the kids sing because all the kids love that song,” Vanslyke said.

Any student who objects to singing a Christmas song or attending a program can decline participation and will not be penalized, according to school administrators.

---And they ought to instaed of trying to ruin it for the other 99% of people who have no problem with this. What would be worse for the kid? Respectful non-participation, or having your mom steal the Christmas joy from everyone else?

“We do try to be cognizant of everyone's feelings,” Holliday said.

---Except easily offended pansies. Can you tell I think this is absolutely ridiculous. I cannot understand how just one complaint can cause schools to buckle. Stand up for common sense, stand up for respecful disagreement, stand up for Christmas songs, during Christmastime. I wasn't a Christian all my life and enjoyed some fo the carols growing up as part of the American culture. I wonder why I don't hear these guys complaining about the 2-3 weeks they have off of school. (Well, never mind, some parents don't like having their kids home that long :-)

School administrations also decided that for future concerts, religious songs can be included, as long as other faiths are represented as well.

---Good!! It is acceptable in the education code and it should be tolerated in the name of common sense, decency, and respect.

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