Thursday, December 11, 2008

University reinstates fundraiser for cystic fibrosis even though it mostly affects white men

---Last week, there was a story about a college in Canada that has the college cancelling the yearly funraiser for Cyctic Fibrosis because it was not "inclusive" enough. What did that mean? Well, it mostly affected white males. Not diverse enough. So, their thought was that even though this disease killed people (including non-whites, BTW), it was too white. That is absolutely sick. Paraphrasing Dennis Prager...can you imagine someone saying we should not raise funds for breast cancer because it only affects women? ***The good news is that they changed their mind. Read on:

A happy update to last week’s post, replete with scalp-taking (and, unhappily, death threats against the kid who’d sponsored the original motion). Women, minorities, punitive liberalism hardest hit:

Following vocal protests from students, the Carleton University Students
Association voted unanimously Monday night to:

* Support next year’s cystic fibrosis fundraiser, called
* Donate at least $1,000 to the organization.
* Issue a formal apology.

In addition, the student councillor who crafted the controversial
motion to drop the fundraiser resigned…

Meanwhile, a group on campus has submitted a petition signed by 1,000
students calling for the student association president, Brittany Smyth, to be
impeached over the incident, which they are calling “Shinerama-gate.”

Exit question: When was the last time a group undid a mistake as forthrightly as this? I’m sad to say that I’m shocked by how well they seem to have handled it.

Click the link to read the original story on Hot Air

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