Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Culture: Ungrateful Flyers AKA I'll Sue Ya

The headline in USA Today gave me a sinking feeling: “US Airways Gives Passengers On Flight $5000.00 Each -- Passengers Wonder, Is it Enough?”

---So, here's the quick story, if you didn't know. The plane is flying, it gets hit by geese, the engines are down, a crash is inevitable, the pilot does an amazing job, lands in the river, nobody dies!!, the airline pays those on the flight $5,000 to pay for any lost & damaged items, and some greedy idiots are actually talking with lawyers about suing the airline!

Are you kidding me? I read this and could not believe that people have degraded that far. On second thought, it is shocking, but not surprising. Sadly, we have become such a society where we are always wondering where we can make some extra money and that it is all about me. What can I get out of someone else.

But it didn’t take long for the vultures to swarm, the heads to spin with
visions of big dollar signs, and the pure greed to hijack this
otherwise-wonderful tale.

One disgruntled flier who got a bloody nose and some bruises says it’s
still too early to decide just how emotionally distressed he is as a result of
the incident.

“I just want to be made whole,” he sniffed to a reporter.

---Umm, you are alive. How whole do you need to be. This is even a situation
where it is no one's fault. And since you can't sue geese; sure it makes

I wonder how long it took those folks to stop thanking God for His decision to spare their lives from what should have been a fiery, horrible end before they Googled the best law firm to sue the pants off US Airways?

I might be a lone voice in the wilderness on this, but I don’t think US Airways owes any of these people one red cent.

---No, I think Gallagher is correct. Everytime people get into an accident, they think it is open season on suing someone for all they can get. It makes me sad. There used to be a time in our society where, if we got in an accident with someone else, we either 1)simply asked them to pay for the damage, or 2) if it was not a big deal, and we could afford it, we would just pay for it ourselves and moved on.

Don't get me wrong, I think there are times where suing for more than physical damages could be appropriate, but I think the majority of these types of lawsuits are frivolous and unecessary and damaging to our society. We become more and more frightened to make mistakes (big or small) around others, and desire less interaction with people.

We simply have to reign in the piggish people and money-hungry lawyers who chase every ambulance they see and expect companies and individuals to pay for everything that goes wrong.

By all accounts, US Airways has handled this entire accident with graciousness and compassion and class.

Anyone aboard US Airways Flight #1549 who considers suing the airline or strong-arming it for more money should be ashamed of themselves.

And worried, too.

Karma can be a bad thing. After all, many of those people might want to take their ill-gotten gains and jet off to some exotic destination to celebrate. And if a flock of birds hits their plane again, maybe they won’t be so lucky.

---I think that is well said. What do you think? Are these people "entitled" to more compensation? Or should they simply graciously thank God, US Airways, and their lucky stars for the fact that they are alive, and move on?

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