Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Economy: Lady wants Pres. Obama's Help for Her $800,000 House

---This bus driver and her husband bought an expensive house and want Pres. Obama to not foreclose on them. What kind of bus driver can afford an $800,000 house? I am in the wrong business. How about some personal responsibility. You don't pay your bills, there should be consequences.

ACOSTA: Like countless other Americans, Garcia admits she and her husband bought more house than they could afford, but she says the lender made the purchase all too easy. Now her mortgage is worth more than her house.

(on camera): How much was the house when you bought it?

GARCIA: Eight hundred.

ACOSTA: Eight hundred thousand dollars?. And how much is the house worth?

GARCIA: Right now, it’s like $675,000 on the market.
Michelle malkin comments:
Tell you what, Mrs. Garcia. We’ll help you out with your bad financial investment when you agree to help the rest of us make up for our stock portfolio losses.

Cry me a river.

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