Monday, March 16, 2009

Picture of the Day: Homeless with a Phone

This is a great picture. HT to Michelle Malkin

Pop singer Crystal Waters did a song many years ago called “She’s Homeless.” The hook went like this: “She’s just like you and me, but she is homeless, she is homeless.”

In D.C., the homeless are just like you and me, and they have cell phones, they have cell phones.

Via Andrew Malcolm, here is one of the homeless cell phone owners snapping a pic of First Lady Michelle Obama — ruining what was supposed to be a sob story photo op of the compassionate Mrs. O catering to the downtrodden.

Say cheese!

---Almost as good as this one on the left. Mostly, I am jealous because my camera does not have a phone and I don't have a big-screen TV. ;-)

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