Friday, April 17, 2009

Hi there.

Hello all. Kwame here.

Derrick and I go way back; and since he has invited me to make an occasional contribution to the blog here, today I figured I'd try to do just that.

About me: Studied both Linguistics and Philosophy at UC Riverside. Social conservative with sympathetic leanings toward both fiscal conservativism and libertarianism. Not a Muslim, though for no good reason I continue (sigh) to be mistaken for one both on and off the Internet. Formerly associated with the Churches of Christ, but now more or less Reformed in my theology with the exception of interest in relatively minor things like Covenant Theology or"order of decrees."

Interests: well, only fleeting interests: whatever good TV shows are still on the air; whatever hot-button polictical or theological issues have really caught my attention of late; the latest observations of other people's mental illness in Internet discussion lists that I belong to; esoteric issues of metaphysics and linguistics; PC gaming; music that I slept on during the '90s but now need to buy. I have also been doing amateur photography for a while now and now wish I had the money to get into kite photography.

If this test post works, I'll try a second one later either today or about one week from now.
I guess that's it for now. Okay, thanks for reading and thanks for the invitation Derrick.


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D.B. said...

Welcome Kwame, I look forward to reading your posts. I am glad you have decided to contribute. God bless, my friend.