Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 New Reasons Why Obamacare Can Still Be Killed

It seems to me that one of the most persuasive should be that the majority of Americans are not in favor of this bill and that 80% of folks actually are currently happy with their current health care and/or insurance. That will change if the Dems and Obama get their way.

There seems no way for things to remain the way they are (even the good things)

For example, A) the Gov't wants to tax the "rich" which it seems will include businesses, small or big. B) These businesses will be forced to provide you and I with insurance or face a fine. C) The fine is less than the insurance. D) It will be more cost effective to dump you into the "system" thus overloading the current uninsured from 30 million to who knows what.

I don't know much about Economics but it seems this has not been honestly addressed.

Another example, If insurance companies are not "allowed" to raise their prices for the high risk/expensive/sick person, then they will either 1) go out of business after some time or 2) raise EVERYONE'S price.

Not to mention the question of constitutionality of forcing people to get insurance if they want to live in the US; well, unless you are here illegally...

New reasons emerge almost daily as to why Obamacare can and must be defeated.

1. The American people oppose Obamacare by almost two to one in the latest CNN poll. Other polls show lopsided opposition to passing either the Senate or House health care bill.

Public opinion is against the bill because of its obscene costs in higher taxes, burdensome debt, anti-freedom mandates, rationing and reduced care for seniors. The American people have awakened to the fact that Obamacare is transformational legislation that will drag us against popular will into European-style socialism.

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Kwame E. said...

This is a dangerous game they're playing, placing a fine on people who do not want to buy health insurance. For starters, this is completely contrary to freedom and is unamerican.

Secondly, the more and more these fools start to pile on with the unnecessary and downright mean laws, rules, restrictions, prohibitions, the more they will foster an antinomian spirit among the American people. You've got rules that won't let you smoke, won't let you use your phone while you drive, won't let you use your dome light while you drive, won't let you use your camera while you drive, won't let you drive as fast as CHP and state police normally drive, won't let you purchase the kind of food you want, won't let you sell the kind of product you want to sell even if it is not intrinsically dangerous, won't let you organize things on your own front yard if some snobbish, uptight, arrogant, overreaching neighbhor deems it an eyesore, etc., etc., etc. People are going to get fed up, exasperated and exhausted with this stuff at some point and just begin to disregard the rule of law in general. This is a recipe for chaos and disaster, but it's coming. And there will also be hell to pay for the folly of these lawmakers.

D.B. said...

I will have to second nearly everything you just said. There is so much of the Nanny State-type stuff is going on. It is pretty ridiculous.