Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Custody Case Highlights Artificiality of Same Sex Marriage

This is a great article that illustrates some of the potential difficulties that come as a result of same-sex marriage and what happens to the kids when it doesn't work out.

The story in a nutshell: Two lesbians "marry", they have a baby "together", the one who gave birth becomes a Christian, denounces the gay lifestyle when the child was around 1 yr old, they break up. The still gay woman, after many years of not seeing the baby (in part because the stright woman didn't want to raise her child in the gay scene), sues for custody, gets it, and the straight woman takes off with the now 7-yr old.

Here's the main problem: The woman now granted custody has no tie to the child. She is not the birth mother, but the rejected girlfriend- but she is allowed to take this child from the birth mother...

The worst part of the case is the creation of a new position of entitlement awarded to Janet Jenkins on the basis of gay sex alone. If shed been a non-romantic room-mate of the little girls mother, or even a dear old auntie who helped with the infants care, its hard to imagine the courts would have granted her custody years later.

One of the most common arguments by gay marriage advocates involves the insistence that the expansion of matrimonial rights will merely enlarge marital opportunities, with no impact at all on existing couples or the institution itself. The Miller-Jenkins case shows the absurdity of this contention and demonstrates the way that redefining marriage inevitably changes parenthood as well, turning the most fundamental, natural, elemental human relationship of mother-and-child into an officially sanctioned fiction altogether dependent on governmental fiat.

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