Monday, March 29, 2010

Worst of Answers

The answer at the following hyperlink is currently showcased as one of the “Best of Answers” over at Yahoo! Answers, a place chock full o’ foolishness, irreverence and ungodliness:

What makes a human life more important than a plant or an animal life?

The thumbs of currently 475 people--most of whom are probably neither vegans nor vegetarians--bolster the idea that when one throws forfeits his knowledge of God he also forfeits wisdom. (They also prove that there is something good to be said of presuppositionalism.)

And of course, these and people like these are some of those who cast ballots in elections, hold positions of authority over other people at the workplace, lecture students at the academy, etc. Stated in another way: Western society is doomed. The end is nigh.


D.B. said...

The first couple responses were pretty silly. According to one, we get our value from the fact that we can kill lesser creatures. Yikes! I hope that because someone or something can kill me, that somehow means that I am less valuable. Seems like one of the responses the pro-choice crowd uses to define the value of the unborn.

Kwame E. said...

I just checked that page again. The ratio of thumbs up to thumbs down is even worse now.

And I saw more comments, even depressing ones. And then I continued to believe what I said about the imminent nature of the end of the world or society we live in. If God gets us out of this mess of societal stupidity in general, my guess is that He’ll use the Calvinists to do so.

D.B. said...

People definately have some crazy views, to be sure. It is sad to think we are valuable based on our external value, what we can do or offer society rather than because we are created by God and are valuable because of that.