Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I posted this on my Facebook, too. I thought it was interesting that Hinn calls out Joel Osteen (he was on Larry King and didn't say Jesus was the only way). You know it is pretty bad when Benny Hinn tells you that you are not preaching Jesus.


Kwame E. said...

Well, Osteen would do well to say that it’s “up to God” whether and how someone gets to heaven, because that statement is true. Of course, it’s also true that Jesus really is the only way to heaven and also that reprobates who ultimately reject Christ probably wouldn’t or couldn’t enjoy life in heaven all that much anyhow for a number of reasons.

D.B. said...

Yeah, but I think it is simply characteristic of the seeker sensitive. You get the big numbers when you don't preach the "bad" parts. Where Jesus is the only way and our problem is not self-esteem, but sin.

That's just mean talk.

Kwame E. said...

Well, there is no indication in the NT that assemblies of believers were ever held for the purpose of drawing sinners in so they could be saved right there “in church.” (And this is different than unbelievers’ being allowed to meet with believers every Sunday.)

If street preaching and the like were a common thing nowadays, you would have more Christians who are used to and accustomed to offending unbelievers or doing things which are difficult or sometimes awkward. In turn, no one would ever think to put together a seeker-sensitive kind of church service, or so I would hope. (But alas, when the motivation is to fill pews per se, or to keep membership numbers up, or to keep your job as a paid elder, perhaps some people will indeed start to conceive all the wrong ideas on how a “church service” should be run.)

D.B. said...

I happen to agree with Michael Horton, in that we need the preaching of the Gospel from the pulpits. Even for the believers.

We need the continual reminder of the cost, origin and sustainer of our salvation, that way we stay away from the idea that we are saved by doing good things and even as a believer, it is easy to think we are good all on our own.

The Word and Sacraments being preached help the unbelievers with a clear Gospel message as well as equipping the believer with the actual Gospel that we are to share with our neighbors. Too much illiteracy, biblically speaking.

Anonymous said...

You knock Benny Hinn. That is a testament of your character, not Benny's.

D.B. said...


1) could the same be said about you questioning my character?

2) I would say I had more negative to say in this post about the seeker centered type churches than Hinn, though there is plenty about Hinn's doctrine and teaching that could warrant another post.

Did you have something else more specific you wanted to add or are you trying to simply attack my character?

The Bible is very clear on exposing false teachers and correcting wrong doctrine. I do not think I was being uncharitible here.

Anonymous said...

" A testament of your character." I didn't state if it was good or bad. You decided that all by yourself. Freud states that as guilt..

D.B. said...

Ah, Anon,

It is a fair assumption based on your choice of the word "knock" that you were not meaning anything good about it.

It has nothing to do with Fruedian guilt.

And I stand by my critique of Osteen, Hinn and the problems their teachings entail.

If you have something more to add that is more substantive, I will gladly post and we can discuss. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

I'll be talking to Christine about the dangers of your site. My pastor. She agrees that your site is dangerously cult oriented.

D.B. said...

Hey Anon,
No need to talk with Christine as I have already forwarded your comment to her and her father.

Four questions:

1) What do you mean my site is "dangerously cult oriented"?

2) Can you provide some examples?

3) Do you have a better site for me?

4) Could you perhaps use a psuedonymn (sp) so I can distinguish between the numerous folks who post anonymously. I don't want to falsly assume I am talking to one person, when I am really talking to another.


D.B. said...

Hey, Anon, someone suggested to me that you may be referring to your pastor's name as Christine. Sorry if I misunderstood.