Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Anonymous Posting Disabled

Due to the irrelevance of the postings of some people, I have once again decided to get rid of anonymous posting. Unfortunately, some folks who are posting anonymously lack the courage to stand behind their posts and therefore find it acceptable to share their opinion without many supportive details and are simply attacks on myself and my team here at Bright Idea.

In addition, these folks have decided to ignore repeated requests for examples, reasons and/or Biblical backing for their positions and assertions in order to have a fruitful discussion.

In reference to an unposted comment; part of the reason for addressing the anonymous person as one person lately is that most of the posts have been coming from one person, and the tracking meter that I have corresponds to the time and date of the different comments.

I apologize to those anonymous folks that were being respectful in the dialogue. To the one that is so troubled by my blog, please be sure to stop searching for my blog in yahoo, and you will not have to trouble yourself with all my troubling posts.


PS. My wife wonders how I am belittling women.

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