Monday, May 31, 2010

Bush Derangement Syndrome Lives

Actually, I’m beginning to believe the old assertion that history will vindicate George W. Bush. It’s a painful thing to force stupidity upon yourself and then keep it there continually; at some point, you will break, something will give, and the truth about various matters must be admitted and confessed.

At some point, there will be some people who will have the wisdom to see the logical implications of their eventual discovery that, gee, maybe Presidents of the United States aren’t really omnipotent people who can instantly solve any environmental or economic disaster that comes someone’s way; in fact, maybe it’s not even their responsibility in particular to solve various particular problems. So, Barack Obama will have done two good things during his Presidency: 1) he will have left native-born Black Americans with less of an pseudo-excuse for various in-house shortcomings of economics and career choices; and 2) his failures to quickly plug an oil leak will awaken some of his followers to the reality that in America we elect presidents and congressmen, not gods, MacGuyvers, CEOs, or heads of FEMA.

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D.B. said...

Dude, I was only kidding when I joked that this spill would be blames on Bush. Pretty ridiculous. Can't even make that stuff up.