Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So, when you've found an awesome passage in scripture that you want to highlight, what do you do? Do you take a marker and highlight? Do you underline?

I have a much better solution! When you highlight with markers, the ink usually soaks through the page; and when you underline, the text becomes difficult to read -- or you end up underlining THROUGH the words. What's the fix? Colored pencils.

You heard me! Go to any Walmart, buy a $3, 12-pack of Crayola pencils! They erase! They highlight! And no messy underlining! Here is my "Super Secret" Color code so that you can know at a glance what passages you're looking for!

Red: Headlines, Promises, Commands
Light Blue: General Highlight
Pink: Character of God
Yellow: Wisdom/Foolishness
Green: Wealth/Money/Poverty
Brown: Righteousness/Wickedness
Orange: Family
Violet: Old Testament Prophesy of Jesus

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