Thursday, August 19, 2010

The persistence of those who give up too easily

Personally, I get the impression that inerrantism within Christendom is on its way out the door. This is due to the strident talk of inerrantists, the ease with which one can create doubts, and the fact that a full account of some of the issues of biblical inerrantism requires some time and study (aka, inconvenience). Of course, it bears noting the Christian errantists who reject biblical inerrancy don’t see their rejection of orthodoxy as an act of one’s painting himself into a corner; no, only the biblical inerrantists are thought to have made this mistake.

And the errantists will fail to recognize the nature of their cutting off their nose to spite their face until fifty years down the road, when they see that their numbers have severely dwindled. For there can be only one logical and final conclusion of biblical errantism: pseudo-intuitive universalism, if not wholesale apostasy in the strongest sense.

Now, why do I mention all this? See the link: – The Inerrancy of Scripture: The Fifty Years’ War . . . and Counting

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