Saturday, September 25, 2010

Analysis: Yahoo! is a sensationalistic stinker

Ripped straight from the headlines section of home page of Yahoo!, where they always know what’s important and what really matters in your life, just a few moments ago:

White House invokes privilege to kill lawsuit against cleric

Pakistan plane evacuated in Sweden after threat Photos

Accused Ga. pastor's academy had 'sex self-check card'

Host Maher shows another clip of Del. candidate O'Donnell

Lohan freed from jail after posting $300,000 bail Photos

African rhino poaching soars along with demand for horns

Lindsay Lohan out of jail hours after…- L.A. Times

Ski-helmet law for kids dies with veto- S.F. Chronicle

Would you travel 6,600 miles for a meal?- O.C. Register

Such were the big news stories on the home page, so my questions in response are as follows:

1. Since when have Bill Maher, Yahoo!, or the AP cared about what happens in the small state of Delaware: a state having a population less than that of neighboring Philadelphia and which has neither a national park nor any regular commercial flights out of the airports there?

2. And if their interest in Christine O'Donnell is piqued because they have a fear of perceived idiots’ being elected into positions political power, then why did they not focus equal attention on the gaffe machine which is then-Senator Joe Biden of Delaware during the 2008 presidential election?

3. For that matter, why is the subject matter of a TV show even considered newsworthy?

4. Finally, assuming that the media now has a genuine interest in vetting candidates for political office (an interest which was lost in the 2008 political cycle), where are all the unflattering stories about Christine O’Donnell’s opposition in the upcoming senatorial race in Delaware? Are such things really so difficult to dredge up?

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