Monday, May 23, 2011

Riddlebarger's Amillennialism

As long as eschatology is still on our mind (if anyone is wondering what Harold Camping is up to on Judgment Day +2) and we are referring to other people’s Internet articles, let’s talk about Kim Riddlebarger’s brand of amillennialism. This sort of “amillennialism” is not aptly labeled as such, unless what is being denied in such a term is the concept of a thousand-year period of a certain sort. Sift through the following materials carefully, and one will see what I mean. And though the two materials do not dot every last “i” and cross every last “t” if one is to convince premillennialists that their viewpoint does not jibe with reality, the man still makes a number of cogent arguments for his own point of view:

A Present or Future Millennium?

Riddleblog - Answers to Questions About Eschatology--Archives 3

The long and short of it is that if one consistently attempts to intepret the unclear by the light of the clear and to assume whenever possible that a given text is literal in meaning, one should come up with a system of eschatology which ironically is not premillennial.


Kwame E. said...

Update on Harold Camping: Now that Camping has broken his silence about the whole May 21 thing in his recent press conference, you may now rest assured that Doomsday is October 21, not the 21st of May:

AOMIN: Harold Camping: Unrepentant False Prophet Refuses to Stop Dragging Christ’s Name Through the Mud

I dunno. When your math skills and calculations are so clumsy that you forget on two different occasions to carry the two, maybe it’s time to just hang up your hat and start leaving the math and calculations in the hands of an expert or someone more adept at the ways of mathematics. And I’d be glad to work on Camping’s behalf to do the job that he cannot seem to do:

Let x = the day that the Lord comes and the world ends:

(a + b)²/y = x

VoilĂ ! The calculation above reveals the month, day and year in which the Lord will return.

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