Monday, December 12, 2011

Oh, the Profound Wisdom of Yahoo! Answers

This recent question posted in the Travel > US > NYC section of Y!A was interesting: How do I help stop same sex marriage in New York?!?


If people lack the intelligence to recognize poor attempts at trolling or satire for what they are, should we be surprised when people are duped by anything else?

If someone wants to start calling someone else a “bible thumper” when no one has even quoted or cited chapter and verse, should anyone be surprised the next time someone starts falsely attributing things to you or anyone else?

And if moral views are not to be imposed upon others--whether legally or otherwise--then do some of the respondents in question believe that White business owners have the right to refuse service to Black people? Were civil rights laws of yesteryear wrong to put an end to having Black patrons of White-owned restaurants eat outside on the street?

Finally, do those who reflexively start hollering “Judge not...” know which part of the Bible they think they’re quoting, much less know the meaning and context of that passage?

All of this is indicative of the secular climate in which Western Christianity now finds itself. That climate is also one which shows that the modern, progressive mind has as much good sense as people four thousand years ago who still lived in mud huts and worshipped graven images.


As for the “gay agenda” that was mentioned in one of the answers, I’m looking forward to the days when technology catches up with sci-fi and can finally produce an android like Data from Star Trek: TNG. When Data and Tasha Yar fall head over heels for each other and decide to marry, will people not finally figure out the meaning of words such as “simulation,” “emulation,” and “analogy”?

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