Thursday, February 09, 2012

Carson and Keller on Jakes and the Elephant Room

Carson and Keller on Jakes and the Elephant Room

Here's a thorough look at the recent Elephant Room controversy.

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Kwame E. said...

The article actually demonstrates the need to avoid the use of arcane words like “substance” and “essence.” Words such as those do not mean the same thing in vernacular speech and theological writings in the first place; secondly, how many people know what those words mean and how are they helpful to them?

So there’s a need to start from scratch, and that is exactly what you see people doing sometimes, hence the use of “center of consciousness” in some modern writings pertaining to trinitarianism, for example. Of course, another problem is that people don’t know how to read and they even misinterpret words of their own native language; the misuse of the English word “manifest” would be just one example.