Monday, March 26, 2012

"Is hate really negative? Is love really positive?"

(Part One)

A band named Bis asked the above questions back in 1997 and I asked myself the same not long ago. Having investigated the matter, I can only wonder if they would agree as to the correct answer of the questions at hand.

Now, when it is used properly Google is often useful to get inside people’s heads, to discover hidden wisdom, and to answer tough questions. So I did a quick Google search of various phrases and the results were insightful if not predictable. Below is a list of search terms I used and some of the search results among millions of indexed web pages:

1. “hate racists”:

I hate all racist people - Topix
How I Learned to Hate Racism
I Hate Racism and Discrimination | Group with Personal Stories …

2. “hate rapists”:

I Hate Rapists | Facebook
Why do other prisoners hate rapists so much ? - Yahoo!7 Answers
I Hate Rapists | Group with Personal Stories, Forums and Chat

3. “hate sexists”:

Don't You Hate Sexists? - Yahoo! Answers
I hate sexist men, who's with me? Women are equals | Facebook
I hate sexist people ! | Facebook

4. “hate homophobes”:

I Hate Homophobes | YouTube
i hate homophobes | Tumblr
I hate HOMOPHOBES!! – Group at

After looking through the search results at one thing became clear. What became clear is that Politically Correct people who call people “haters,” “player haters,” or “homophobes” and who refer to things as “hateful,” “homophobic,” or “Islamophobic” do not really believe that hate is a bad thing. No, hate is a positive thing as long as it’s their kind of hate that you have. Hatred is a good thing, as long as it’s a Politically Correct and Politically Sanctioned kind of hatred that you have. Any adherent to political correctness who suggests otherwise is either a liar or a fool.

Meanwhile, some of these same people are those who get on the Internet and constantly trot out the tired, hackneyed stereotype of inbreeding in order to insult conservatives in the South and rural areas of the U.S. Therefore, they don’t think all love is positive, including love of God’s moral law, love of the Scriptures, etc.

God willing, I will have more to say about this later....

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