Monday, April 23, 2012

De Facto Cessationism

"...I don't necessarily believe the Bible teaches that any [of] the gifts of the Spirit would cease. Neither do I believe it teaches that they would definitely continue (though 1 Cor 13 does give me some problems...)

However, we have to think  about this: the Bible never teaches that the canon of Scripture would close. Does this mean we are to be open to the canon of Scripture being added to? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, orthodox Christians have always believed the canon of Scripture is complete. Why?

Well, first and foremost, because there are no longer any inspired apostles or prophets adding to it. Due to this cessation (what I call"de facto cessation"---cessation as a matter of fact), we look to Scriptures for theological reasons why the canon is "closed". Do we find them? Yes, but only because we look for them to explain why the canon, as a matter of fact, ceased to be added to.

I find the same situation with regard to the gifts of the Spirit. If they ceased, as a matter of historical fact, then we have to look to the Scriptures to find out why." C. Michael Patton- regarding the cessation of the ministerial gifts of prophecy, healing and tongues--contrary to what we see today.  This was taken from a part of a discussion Patton was having with Sam Storms concerning "Why I am/am not a Charismatic. At Credo House Ministry

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