Sunday, August 26, 2012

Semi-Random Thought

Lacking time to post something more substantial I’ll just throw the following out there: I have connections to people in the Philadelphia area and it is interesting to hear them talk about people there, especially in this case concerning so-called “Philly Muslims.”  Apparently the latter group of people take their religion so seriously that they eat pork and forget when Ramadan is just around the corner.  I thought it was pretty funny when I heard this, and it more or less jibed with other anecdotes of girls with head scarves who cussed like infidels or even disappeared after being caught stealing.

This news is almost encouraging as it tells us that it’s not just Christianity which has followers (whether real or nominal) that make a mockery of it.  Of course, followers’ lack of adherence to the tenets and principles of various religions is never an indictment of those morality, veracity or transformative power of those religions necessarily, for reasons which should be obvious.  However, the same thing does create unnecessary trouble, as in repeatedly having to take five minutes of apologetics time to explain to people how the assertion “Christians are hypocrites” does not mean that one shouldn’t go to church and does not mean that the historical events of the Scriptures didn’t happen.

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