Wednesday, October 10, 2012

No Store For Daddy

Here is a poem that Tracy and Alyssa wrote when I came home from the store with more than I should have. After having read many Dr. Seuss books. Quite a few months ago.

We never send Dada to the store anymore.
He brings back goodies and snacks galore.
He brought home an elephant as tall as a giraffe;
He even brought home a little calf.

He brings home candy, he brings home cakes,
One day he brought home a rattlesnake.
The bins are fun, he loves to choose,
But if he gets too much, the money he will lose.

I don't think we can eat snacks for dinner,
But if he plans a meal, it is sure to be a winner.
Candy, crackers, oooh la, la. Chips and pretzels too.
But if that's all he brings home, you'll hear mom say boo hoo.

We never send Dada to the store anymore,
Yet we still love him dear.
But his next trip to the grocery store, probably isn't near

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