Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Nail on the Head

Indeed.  0bama’s and the DNC’s foolish supporters are engaged in a process of slowly destroying themselves over the course of the next several decades and they and their children will reap what they have sown.  Meanwhile, even before Election Day 2012 I was disgusted enough with the human condition--how utterly and tremendously foolish people are--to the point of longing to leave this miserable planet to be elsewhere or to sleep within it where people can no longer cause trouble to people around them.  And the fools all around you eventually make you one of their targets and bring trouble upon you; they are never content to bother and pester only themselves.
As I type this I’m listening to Limbaugh’s analysis of last night’s victory of soft tyranny over freedom, and thus far he’s been right on every count.  Santa Claus won last night: that is how Romney lost.  Nonjudgmental (in relative terms) Obama won because he is a nice guy: that is how Romney lost.  But Limbaugh also mentioned exit poll data from last night’s victory of soft tyranny over freedom.  So four years after the constant, constant repetition of “I blame Bush” from the mouths of malcontent people too simple to offer any meaningful analysis of geopolitics and the world around them people are STILL blaming Bush 43 for America’s current economic woes.  (Despite the actual facts of the economy from 2001-2012, especially beginning with the subprime mortgage meltdown on late 2008, yes, people still blame Bush.)  Exit poll data also indicated that people were really digging how well Obama showed up in NJ after Hurricane Sandy, gave Christie a hug, and flew back to Washington: as if Bush 43 did any less in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit.  Indeed, all of this supports Limbaugh’s analysis which essentially paints 0bama’s victory as one of the triumph of sentiment over the intellect.
These data also support the idea that the American people are a stupid people.  For example, think back to the “incident” on Oprah Winfrey’s TV show a few years ago where Tom Cruise was standing on top of the sofa because he was so madly in love with Katie Holmes; now think about how many real-life people actually said they weren’t interested in seeing any of his movies anymore because of that incident.  If people are silly enough to bypass perfectly decent cinema just because a movie’s lead actor did something strange, then indeed people are foolish enough to STILL blame Bush 43 for America’s economic woes, foolish enough to vote for 0bama for showing up in NJ disaster areas, foolish enough to vote for a man who will destroy their very own livelihood and line of work if they work in coal mines, et cetera.
But it gets worse.  Stupidity of this magnitude is not a freak accident of human history but something that can occur at any time.  Think about the ten plagues that struck Egypt during the time of Moses.  Think about the signs, wonders, and pillars of clouds and fire that the Israelites saw with their own eyes when they left Egypt.  These are the same people who went 2 minutes without seeing Moses while he was on Mount Sinai and immediately turned simultaneously to atheism (in effect) and idolatry when Aaron fashioned the golden calf.  For those of you who remember or want to read the text, lesson and context of Jeremiah 42-43: you know that Moses’ generation was not entirely unique in antiquity in its degree of foolishness.
So, this is the world that we are living in and this is the sort of people that we have to live and interact with.  Foolish people drug the prophets Moses and Jeremiah down with them (figuratively and literally, respectively) in their day; do not be surprised when in the future your own lives become less and less carefree.  Let everyone be prepared for the troubles that are likely coming our way.

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