Saturday, March 02, 2013

Letters to a Mormon Elder- James White

I just finished the book, Letters to a Mormon Elder. In it James White has a conversation (I believe the names have been changes and is a compilation of different Mormon elders he has communicated with) an elder. It is available on completely free.

James White Goes through many, if not most of the essential doctrines of the Orthodox Christian faith. He contrasts them with direct quotes from Mormon leaders that show how they differ. It is an interesting set up. Not just a list of doctrines, but it has a more relaxed conversational style. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned many thing along the way. One quote that James White had at the very end I thought bore repeating. (I would also add that, even if we live the best life and love perfectly and we never see anyone come to Christ it doesn't mean we are not being faithful and glorifying God.- Reread this after you have read the quote below. :-)

Many continually ask me, "So, how many Mormons have come to the Lord in your ministry this month?" The "numbers mentality" is rampant in our country. If someone doesn't hit their knees and "pray the sinner's prayer,' then somehow you have failed. The idea that we share the gospel solely to glorify God, and that it is God who brings the harvest in His own time, seems to he an old-fashioned concept. It would not have been realistic to finish the story in any other way. You have no guarantee that if you say "all the right things," and present "all the right information," that the person with whom you are speaking is going to respond positively. But even if Elder Hahn never came to Christ, would I be right to say that I wasted my time? Most certainly not. Whether our fictional Elder Hahn is ever saved is God's business, not mine. I pray, I care, I hope. God does the saving.

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