Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday: Random Thoughts

1) Does anyone else think about going to their own funeral just to hear what people thought about you or how many people might actually show up?

2) Does anyone else look at the obituaries to see if they know anyone?

3) Why does the simple thought of lice make my head itch?

4) That someone has a bias is irrelevant. The real question is: Has the bias distorted the facts?

1 comment:

Kwame E. said...

1) Not me.

2) No. But I found it interesting a few months ago that Richard Eby apparently is still alive and kicking. IIRC, back in the mid-90s he was on The 700 Club or some spur program where he indicated that he would be alive when the Lord comes, according to what he was told in a near-death experience.

3) Because these things happen.

4) No, but it can present a distorted view of reality even when it reports the facts.