Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday: Random Thoughts

These are my thoughts on different subjects. They may be quotes I don't remember where they came from, thoughts from my own head or something someone said. Profound? Probably not. Random? That is one thing I can promise. DB

1) Be carefeul: Don't let an emotional reaction affect good judgment.

2) Democratization does not mean everyone has equal amount of wisdom in relation to the amount of data that they post about. [This was in relation to posting on social media].

3) You don't have to be self-centered, confident, or narcissistic to succeed. (Narcissism Epidemic)

4) We don't need to decipher between the Holy Spirit and my thoughts (ie...trying to listen to the 'voice' of God.) We can assess our thoughts to be good or bad-objectively-Through Biblical principles and/or wise council. Greg Koukl

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