Friday, June 07, 2013

Finch's Machine

It’s almost here.  For those who missed the Raytheon story, WND has compiled sources and its own overview for you: WND - Obama mining Facebook, Twitter to predict crimes.

This comes on the heals of the Verizon story that has been in news, that story itself following revelations about the IRS’ peculiar patterns of stonewalling and intimidation and about government’s snooping on reporters for Fox News and the AP.  Personally, I trust our elected servants and their employees less with each passing week and each passing scandal.


Addendum: Actually, I just noticed a link to this story at Triablogue: Washington Post - U.S., British intelligence mining data from nine U.S. Internet companies in broad secret program.


D.B. said...

But Obama let me know to day that he was not Big Brother, so it should be ok, right?

Kwame E. said...

Such a would-be assurance means nothing coming from a man who probably has more in common with Darth Sidious than he does not.

D.B. said...