Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday: Random Thoughts

Here's the random thoughts for the day.

1) If I don't care about truth, am I more likely to say nothing or bring a critical eye to the subject?

2) People go to youth group-> Those people become pastors with only knowing the youth group is how you do church which then turns 'big' church into youth group for adults. This was an observation I heard from an author (I don't remember) who studied youth groups over the years. Maybe The Juvenilization of the Church.

--The above observation resonated with me when you look at the way some churches are run. Youth Group for Adults describes too many.

3) "Falling in love with Jesus" often equated with 1st time falling in love->it has the staying power of an adolescent relationship. He continued by offering some concern about using the term "falling in love with Jesus". His concern was that it was not based on a mature understanding of loving God.

4) Do we take ourselves too seriously? I remember hearing what the Newsboys once said about the sometimes silliness of their songs. "We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we DO take our faith seriously." it was one of those things that has stuck with me. 

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