Thursday, July 11, 2013

For some, the Twilight Zone is real.

For anyone with time on their hands and nothing to think about I present the following problem for you to consider: What does it mean when uncanny, too-bizarre-to-be-fictional strings of events continue to occur in a person’s life?  What if one series of events provides for a recurrent cheating of death and physical injury, while another series slaps you in the face time and again thus reducing you to a mere shell of a person, while still another series manages to put you in the most curious ephemeral circumstances at the right time?

What if there were no discernible patterns of human behavior involved which would allow one to theorize “Oh, this person did wrong, and that’s why these things happen” or, to the contrary, “Oh, this person is being rewarded, and that’s why these things happen”?  And to what degree should people plan their future activities with the expectation that such events will only continue to occur as they have been occurring?  For example, if the evil events that Job experienced in the first few chapters of the Book of Job continued for a longer period of time--say ten years--before ending, then in year five should Job have given up on the idea of having a family and riches ever again?


D.B. said...

Those are some heavy duty questions. Hope you are well.

Kwame E. said...

It’s not just me.

Anyway, I’m telling you bro: there is some weird stuff going on right now. And to be sure, I’m neither a sophomore nor a spring chicken: I know the differences between trivial similarities, unremarkable similarities, things which are interesting only after someone stops to notice them, occasional/mere coincidences, apophenia, etc. I call no false alarms here: there is both a lot of stuff and some weird stuff going on right now.

The timing of your response itself is far more curious than you realize. I’m continuing to scratch my head at the entire matter, especially because of how things have picked up over the last few days, including today.