Friday, September 13, 2013

Book Review: Jesus Calling

A while back, I posted a review from the White Horse Inn on the book, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. Mike Horton discussed the method and the message Young used to supposedly communicate, as Jesus, words for today.

Pastor Bob DeWaay offers his concerns with the some of the message of the book and he tries to show that there are some similarities between the message of Jesus Calling and Eckhart Tolle's writings. He concludes:
Jesus Calling is not "devotion" as expressed in Acts 2:42. Young's romantic panentheism has far more in common with various New Age philosophies than "the apostle's teaching." Christ and His apostles never taught us to become "aware of Presence" so that we can experience metaphysical impressions from the spirit world. This is not the "Jesus Christ come in the flesh" which the apostle John made the key to discernment.
Such a book could only become a huge best-seller in an age of apostasy. It could only prosper where sola scriptura has been abandoned for pious feelings. We live in such a day. We must return to the true teachings of Christ and His apostles for our devotion and lay aside voices from the spirit world, accompanied by metaphysical sensations assumed to be God or Jesus. We do not know what God sounds or feels like. We do know what God has said and are morally obligated to handle His Word with care and respect. Jesus Calling does not and this is not what Christian devotion is all about. That is why I call it "toxic."

At the very least, it seems, we ought to strive to be more discerning in our reading. Sadly, this even extends to things we get from the Christian book sections. Read the rest of the review here.

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