Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Book Review: Stopping Words That Hurt: Positive Words in a World Gone Negative

Stopping Words That Hurt by Dr. Michael Sedler is a pretty decent book. At first glance, I was a little intimidated by the “Dr.” title. However, Dr. Sedler does a good job of keeping the topic from being too heady for the average reader.

A lot (if not all) of what Sedler discusses has been dealt with in other books. The book Sedler offers a lot of personal stories, Bible verses and discussion questions that provide the reader a pleasant reading experience. The use of questions throughout and at the end of each chapter make this a good book to read in a small group or book club.

Sedler spends a good amount of time dealing with the negative aspects of gossip, both from listening to it and engaging in it. This is a timely lesson that has a lot of practical consequences and application for our lives, especially with the influx of social media. This is a good addition to the discussion of gossip with its application, anecdotal stories, and discussion questions.

This book was provided free of charge by Chosen Books in exchange for an honest review.


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