Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Random Thoughts Wednesday

* We all discriminate with regard to morality. Same-sex marriage supporters discriminate against siblings or polygamists. It does not mean they are bigoted. It does not mean all discrimination is bad.

* We hear often that we are supposed to have a grand purpose, to be a world changer. Even Vidal Sassoon Jesus says that when we follow Him, it is so that we can change the world. But is that the Biblical view? Are we called to change the world, or something grand, or is it more ordinary?

* I wish all Christian music played on Air1 did not sound exactly the same.

* I wish all the music played on Air1 was not the same 12 songs they were playing earlier in the day, yesterday, last week, last month, or three years ago.

* I am glad I don't have to commute where there is a lot of traffic. I do not like traffic at all. Or mostly other drivers that don't drive like me.

* When I have students dealing with all kinds of garbage in their lives, giving them another math or English assignment seems to lack much significance.

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